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About Us

HOUSE OF APPLEJAY is the first Likör Distillery in Ellijay, GA. We follow the traditions of famous European Likörmasters, creating delicious signature products produced locally from fresh fruits, spices, and herbs. Please note that many of our craft distillates are only available in small batches at our distillery tasting room in East Ellijay – specialty batches, which are seasonal products, are available only as long as stock lasts.


Distillates created first in the 13th century in Europe


Likör Distillery in Ellijay, GA, and likely the US


is a Georgia apple liqueur from Ellijay.


If you visit Ellijay be sure to taste an Applejay!


Since early days of distilling, Likörmasters crafted high end distillates for the noble class in Europe. Either as an aperitif, digestif, or to be served with coffee and tea in the afternoon – Likör was served at almost any time. Likör was served throughout Europe, and its production is culturally varying by region – it can have sweet, tart, bitter, mellow or crisp taste profiles, and it should always remind you of the place where it was produced.

We are proud to be the first Spirits & Likör Distillery in the Ellijays, Georgia’s apple capital. In honor we created our signature product Applejay Liqueur filling your glass with the flavors of sweet and crisp apples growing in the North Georgia mountains. We hope with every sip you have Georgia on your mind and the Ellijays in your heart.



East Ellijay, GA 30536
(404) 771-4332

Craft Likör from Ellijay, Georgia