Crafting Appalachian Fine Spirits & Likör: The House Of Applejay Distillery Story

In the heart of the North Georgia Appalachian Mountains, where pristine waters flow and the spirit of craft distillation runs deep, House Of Applejay Distillery stands as a testament to the art of fine spirits and liqueurs. Founded in 2022 by a passionate mother and daughter team, House Of Applejay is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of natural flavor exploration. A beacon of innovation and tradition, the distillery blends European heritage with American modern style.

Nestled in East Ellijay, Georgia, House Of Applejay is a women-owned and operated distillery, proud to be a part of a long lineage of German liqueur makers who have crafted fine spirits with care and dedication. Inspired by the region’s rich history and natural beauty, House Of Applejay celebrates the Appalachian spirit through its unique approach to distillation.

At the core of House Of Applejay’s lineup is their signature liqueur, The Applejay. Branded as ‘Applejay from Ellijay,’ this exceptional blend honors Ellijay, renowned as Georgia’s apple capital. Each sip evokes a stroll through orchards at the base of the Southern Appalachian Mountains, where the sweet notes of apples converge with the legacy of craft distilling’s sour and bitter apple varieties. 



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House Of Applejay Distillery is more than a place that creates exceptional spirits—it’s a destination where history comes alive. Visitors can enjoy history and tasting tours, immersing themselves in the craft and culture of distillation. The distillery’s theme is steeped in the mountainous region, with the black bear symbolizing the Appalachian spirit—a nod to the wild, untamed nature of the land and its people.

In addition to Applejay liqueur, House Of Applejay offers a range of signature products, including Mt. Frozen Knob Vodka, Mt. Grassy Knob Vodka, Mt. Wildcat juniper liqueur, and Winter Cherry Mountain liqueur. Each high proof bottle is named after a real mountain in the Southern Appalachians, with coordinates that speak to the distillery’s commitment to authenticity and place.

Committed to education and experience, House Of Applejay invites visitors to discover the rich heritage of craft distillation, making each visit a memorable and enlightening experience. As the distillery continues to innovate and explore new flavors, House Of Applejay remains dedicated to crafting spirits that honor tradition while embracing the spirit of the modern world.


Step into House Of Applejay Distillery, where every bottle tells a story, and every sip is a celebration of flavor, tradition, and the Appalachian spirit.

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