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Since 2022

Since 2022 in USA

The Original Be(a)r Barrel

The tradition of creating sitting space in barrels was invented in one of the oldest still operating breweries in the world dating back as early as 1378. The Einbecker Brewery was one of the first breweries to remodel a large beer barrel to an outdoor “sit-in barrel shed“. Soon people loved the “giant beer barrels“, and spend more time at the brewery’s garden drinking. House of Applejay has combined German be(e)r barrel cooperage traditions with bear-crafted Southern charme to unique “BEAR BARRELS” exclusively from the Ellijays, Georgia.

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100% Customized

Bear Barrels

Outdoor Experience for Vineyards, Beer-Gardens, Restaurants, Parties & more.

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All BEAR BARRELS are designed for a unique outdoor or indoor space: Our Classic BEAR BARREL comes in a long and a short version with lots of options concerning open/closed sides, doors, and windows. The Convertible BEAR BARREL offers additionally an open air feeling, and the Party BEAR BARREL is designed with a round bench to get all parties started.


Vineyard & Brewery

BEAR BARRELS offer a unique and flexible room for outdoor tastings. 

27 Wine

Party & Events

BEAR BARRELS can easily be moved for parties & event spaces.

25 Wine

Original Product

BEAR BARRELS are a product of House Of Applejay, Distillery, GA.

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Bear-Crafted Quality

All BEAR BARRELS have a real barrel shaped body and are customized hand-crafted German quality. This makes every BEAR BARREL a unique piece of art.



Party Space

Unique party space for your next event?

The Vineyard

Amazing tasting room that can be easily moved to location.

The Convertible

Convertable roof providing shelter from the elements!

See A BEAR barrel

House Of Applejay’s Exclusive

Georgia Apple Fest ’23

during the Georgia Apple Festival this autumn! Lots of things to discover  #BEARBARREL

Oct. 14th-15th & 21st-22nd
Sat: 9am – 6pm | Sun: 9am – 5pm

67 Fowler ST Bldg B
in East Ellijay, GA 30540

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Great Heidelberger Tun

Great Heidelberger Tun

The battle for the largest wooden barrel waged over the centuries between Germany's Electors in a costly power struggle. In 1591, Johann Casimir commissioned the first of four "large barrels" for Heidelberg Castle. Followed by the Karl Ludwig barrel of 1664, the Karl...

The Jahrtausendwein 1540

The Jahrtausendwein 1540

The "Jahrtausendwein" is a "once-in-a-millennium" vintage wine, a very valuable Riesling wine from the Würzburger Stein vineyard, Würzburg, Germany of 1540. The year of 1540 is mostly known for its desastrous drought in Central Europe. The drought was an extreme...

The Schwedenfass

The Schwedenfass

The so-called Swedish barrel, the "Schwedenfass", is a wine barrel in the State Court Cellar in Würzburg, which is located below the Würzburg Residence. The "Schwedenfass"  was created to host the  famous "Jahrtausendwein", the priceless "once-in-a-millennium wine" ...


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BEAR BARRELS are an exclusive product of House Of Applejay, Inc. Distillery
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