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About LIKÖR (Liqueur)

Likör (Liqueurs) are alcoholic drinks composed of distilled spirits flavored with fresh fruits, herbs, and spices.

The origin of Likör (liqueur) production can be traced back to 13th-century Italy. Arnoldus Villanovanus, personal physician of various popes, gained fame for his deliciously sweetened medicines on the medicinal uses of brandy, likely the first Likör known in history.

Likör became popular in Europe when the Italian noblewoman Catherine de Medici married the French King Henry II in 1532. Her entourage included Likör makers, making the drink fashionable among nobles. However, it was not until the 18th century that Likör became affordable for the common person.

Today, Likör is experiencing a renaissance. It is a very diverse drink category including fruit, nut and herb based varieties, as well as cream-based products, like coffee cream Likör or chocolate Likör. It can be enjoyed as a drink before a meal (aperitif), drink for after a meal (digestif), or tasteful lower-proof base alcohol for a cocktail.


Likör Distillery in Georgia, and maybe even in the US


Historical Tours & Tastings


Distillates composed from fresh fruits, spices and herbs


Proud to be produced in Ellijay, GA

Less Alcohol & More Taste

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Seasonal Flavors

First Likör Distillery of its kind in the US

Award winning taste

We love the seasons changing

Likör is seasonal

Likör compositions are created with seasonal available fresh fruits, nuts, and herbs. Many of our products are crafted in small batches only, and they are only available in our local Likör Shop in Ellijay, GA. Come and visit our Likör Shop in beautiful downtown Ellijay, GA. Most of our Likörs are designed with 55 proof/ 27.5% ABV.

Our liqueur variety

Classic Likör


Our signature apple Likör in honor of Ellijay being the apple capital of Georgia. You haven't been in Ellijay if you haven't tasted Applejay! #ApplejayFromEllijay

georgia Vineyard peach

Our full-bodied vineyard peach Likör is inspired by an old recipe from German vintners.

Sweet Caroline Likör

Our famous cherry Likör is created from tart cherries and named after our Likörmeister Caroline.



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Stay tuned! We will announce our new location soon!
(404) 771-4332