The Pen-Tailed Treeshrew

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Efficient Metabolism: How Treeshrews Handle Daily Alcohol Consumption

Investigations into the treeshrew’s diet are shedding light on its role as an omnivore. Beyond the initial understanding of insect and vertebrate consumption, researchers are exploring the nutritional significance of specific food sources. The treeshrew’s affinity for fermented fruits, especially the alcoholic nectar of the Berry Palm, remains a key area of study.

Forest Dwellers and Master Climbers

The pen-tailed treeshrew stands alone among its shrew counterparts as the sole nocturnal species in this group of small mammals native to Southeast Asia. Despite the misleading moniker, treeshrews are not genuine shrews, and they make their homes in the lush forests of the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, parts of Borneo, and various smaller offshore islands.

These nimble creatures, particularly adept at climbing, spend their days nestled in self-fashioned nests constructed from leaves and twigs. Treeshrews, true omnivores, maintain a diet that encompasses insects, small vertebrates like geckos, and fermented fruits.


The Pen-Tailed Treeshrews’ Affinity for Fermented Berry Palm Nectar

In a revelatory study from 2008, it was found that pen-tailed treeshrews exhibit a unique culinary preference: the fermented nectar of the Berry Palm (Eugeissona tristis), colloquially known as bertram or wild Bornean sago. Remarkably, this nectar can boast an alcohol content reaching up to 3.8 percent, ranking among the highest concentrations found in natural foods—akin to consuming a refreshing beer.

The Berry Palm relies on mammalian pollinators such as squirrels and, notably, the pen-tailed treeshrews themselves. Despite their daily indulgence in alcohol, these treeshrews showcase no signs of inebriation, having seemingly adapted seamlessly to chronic alcohol consumption. Their efficient alcohol metabolism has rendered daily imbibing an integral aspect of their dietary habits. Researchers speculate that this consistent alcohol intake might even have positive psychological effects on these tiny mammals.

While various animals are known to partake in alcohol consumption, none match the pen-tailed treeshrew in both the quantity and regularity of its libations, earning it the title of the world’s true party animal in the animal kingdom.


The Distilling Culture


Embark on a global journey, and you’ll find that cultures possess tales that harken back to their ancient beginnings of distillation, brewing, and winemaking.

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