House of Applejay Distillery Redefines Craft Spirit Experience with the Introduction of the first “Appalachian Puss & Mew Machine”

EAST ELLIJAY, GA – 03/12/2024

East Ellijay’s House of Applejay Distillery is set to revolutionize the craft spirits experience with the unveiling of the first-of-its-kind Appalachian Puss & Mew Machine. Drawing inspiration from the history of the Gin Craze and the ingenious solution devised by Captain Dudley Bradstreet to navigate the British Gin Act of 1736, this innovative machine pays homage to the rich heritage of distillation. The distillery’s unwavering commitment to merging history with local craftsmanship creates a truly unique and immersive experience for patrons.

Captain Dudley Bradstreet, a shrewd entrepreneur of his time, joined forces with a lawyer friend to invent the original Puss and Mew machine, famously known as London’s Bradstreet’s Cat. The machine, a testament to human ingenuity, allowed patrons to discreetly enjoy gin by approaching a wooden cat mounted on the outside wall of a building, camouflaged as an ordinary residence. By whispering, “Puss, do you have Gin?” and receiving a meow in response, customers signaled the availability of gin. Coins inserted into the cat’s mouth triggered a concealed pipe, delivering a shot of gin to the customer’s mouth—effectively bypassing the restrictions of the Gin Act.

The brilliance of the Puss and Mew lay in its ability to keep the identities of gin sellers hidden. Functioning as both bartender and secret keeper, the cat allowed Londoners to enjoy gin discreetly while remaining within legal bounds.

The Appalachian Puss & Mew Machine at House of Applejay Distillery pays homage to this historic innovation, offering a glimpse into the resilience of entrepreneurial spirit and the Gin Craze. The distillery’s commitment to preserving history is complemented by its dedication to craftsmanship, coinciding with the release of its unique Juniper Liqueur called “Mt Wildcat”.

The distillery extends an invitation to the public to embark on an immersive journey through time and taste with upcoming history and tasting tours. The Appalachian Puss & Mew Machine, along with the release of House Of Applejay’s Mt. Wildcat Juniper Liqueur, promises a new kind of experience for patrons eager to explore the intersection of history and fine spirits.

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### About House of Applejay Distillery

Founded in 2022, House of Applejay Distillery is a craft distillery specializing in fine spirits and liqueurs located in East Ellijay, Georgia. Recognized for its flagship product, Applejay, the distillery crafts small-batch vodkas and liqueurs that push the boundaries of natural flavor exploration. Committed to education and experience, House of Applejay invites visitors to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of craft distillation through history and tasting tours.

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Appalachian Puss & Mew Machine (c) House Of Applejay
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