House Of Applejay Distillery Unveils Sweet Grass Flavored Vodka, Merging Heritage with Distinct Sophistication

EAST ELLIJAY, GA – 03/13/2024

House Of Applejay Distillery is excited to unveil its latest innovation, the Sweet Grass Flavored Vodka. This unique spirit pays homage to the sacred herb native to Eurasia and North America, recognized as sweetgrass, or vanilla grass.

For centuries, Indigenous communities in Canada and the United States have cherished sweetgrass, often burning it during ceremonies to release its delightful aroma. Beyond North America, sweetgrass carries historical significance in northern Europe, where its sweet fragrance, coupled with a distinctive woodruff aroma, made it a sought-after ingredient in European perfumes, sweets, and beverages.

Renowned for its commitment to crafting fine spirits, House Of Applejay Distillery proudly embraces both European and American traditions with the introduction of Sweet Grass Flavored Vodka. This exceptional spirit is locally produced in the heart of the Ellijays, capturing the essence of sweetgrass and its aromatic contributions to diverse cultural traditions.

“Our Sweet Grass Flavored Vodka is a celebration of cultural richness, blending the harmonious traditions of Europe and America. We’re excited to present this distinctive spirit to enthusiasts who appreciate the heritage and craftsmanship embodied in each sip,” remarked Caroline Porsiel, CEO at House Of Applejay Distillery.

House Of Applejay Distillery’s Sweet Grass Flavored Vodka invites consumers on a sensory journey, fusing tradition, history, and exceptional craftsmanship. This finely crafted spirit stands as a testament to the distillery’s unwavering dedication to producing unique, high-quality beverages.

The Sweet Grass Flavored Vodka will be available at House Of Applejay Distillery tasting room starting March 2024.

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Founded in 2022, House of Applejay Distillery is a craft distillery specializing in fine spirits and liqueurs located in East Ellijay, Georgia. Recognized for its flagship product, Applejay, the distillery crafts small-batch vodkas and liqueurs that push the boundaries of natural flavor exploration. Committed to education and experience, House of Applejay invites visitors to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of craft distillation through history and tasting tours.

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