House Of Applejay Distillery Voted #8 Best Distillery in Georgia by James Magazine

EAST ELLIJAY, GA – 03/14/2024

House Of Applejay Distillery, a women-owned and operated distillery known for its innovative approach to liqueur making, has been voted the #8 Best Distillery in Georgia by James Magazine. This prestigious recognition comes just three weeks after the distillery’s grand opening, showcasing the rapid and positive reception from customers and the community.

“We are incredibly proud and honored to receive this recognition from James Magazine,” said Caroline Porsiel, CEO of House Of Applejay Distillery. “As a women-owned and operated distillery, we strive to bring a new style of liqueur to the market, and to have our efforts acknowledged in such a way is truly humbling. We are grateful to our customers and fans for their support and for voting for us.”

House Of Applejay Distillery offers a range of high-quality spirits and liqueurs, including their flagship product, Applejay from Ellijay, which pays tribute to the rich apple heritage of the region. The distillery is committed to crafting unique and exceptional products while supporting the local community and promoting the region’s distilling heritage.

For more information about House of Applejay, Inc. Distillery and its offerings, visit or follow @houseofapplejay on social media.

### About House of Applejay Distillery

Established in 2022, House of Applejay Distillery is a women-owned and operated craft distillery based in East Ellijay, Georgia. The distillery is renowned for its flagship product, Applejay, and is celebrated for its small-batch vodkas and liqueurs, which consistently explore new boundaries of natural flavor. The distillery is committed to providing educational and immersive experiences, offering history and tasting tours that delve into the rich heritage of craft distillation.

Media Contact:

Caroline Porsiel
CEO | House Of Applejay, Inc.

+1 404.771.4332

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