House of Applejay Distillery Achieves Full Licensing and Launches Production in East Ellijay, GA

East Ellijay, GA – 12/11/2023

The much-anticipated House of Applejay Distillery is thrilled to announce its official licensing and commencement of production in East Ellijay, Georgia. Nestled in the North Georgia mountains, this distillery, renowned for its flagship creation, Applejay, is poised to redefine the craft distillation experience. More than just a producer of exceptional beverages, the distillery is a destination that beckons patrons to embark on an extraordinary journey of natural flavor, history, and discovery.

Following months of meticulous preparation, House of Applejay Distillery achieves a significant milestone with the acquisition of its full licensing. “We are beyond excited to announce that House of Applejay Distillery is officially licensed and ready to embark on this incredible journey,” said Caroline Porsiel, Founder and CEO of House of Applejay Distillery. “Applejay is not just a spirit; it’s a celebration of craftsmanship and innovation. We invite the community to join us soon in experiencing the unique harmony of Applejay, and to explore the rich history of distillation through our upcoming history and tasting experiences.”

The distillery is currently in full production, with plans to release the first batches of products by the end of December 2023, followed by public tours and tastings scheduled for 2024. Initial product quantities will be limited, as all liqueurs are produced on-site in East Ellijay.

Demonstrating a commitment to education and experience, House of Applejay Distillery is launching public history and tasting tours. These tours offer visitors an insider’s perspective into the art and science of distillation, providing a behind-the-scenes look into the production process and the compelling story behind each bottle.

More than just a distillery, House of Applejay, situated in the charming town of East Ellijay, celebrates the fusion of tradition and innovation. The distillery’s state-of-the-art facilities and inviting tasting room create an atmosphere that encourages visitors to savor, learn, and indulge.

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### About House of Applejay Distillery

Founded in 2022, House of Applejay Distillery is a fully licensed distillery specializing in fine spirits and liqueurs located in East Ellijay, Georgia. Recognized for its flagship product, Applejay, the distillery crafts small-batch vodkas and liqueurs that push the boundaries of natural flavor exploration. Committed to education and experience, House of Applejay invites visitors to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of craft distillation through history and tasting tours.

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