Saint Patrick Day Drinking


Saint Patrick was a Roman-British Christian missionary (385-461 AD) and is considered the national saint in Ireland. Saint Patrick is said to have explained the Trinity using the shamrock (trifolium), which subsequently became the Irish national symbol.

Traditionally, Irish Christian people held a great feast to honor Saint Patrick for which over time even Lenten food and alcohol restrictions were temporarily removed.  As a matter of fact this Lenten interruption became so popular that the tradition developed to one of the most popular Irish feast worldwide.

Today, St. Patrick’s Day maybe less about Saint Patrick and more about Irish traditions, culture and yes drinking: Beer and cocktails are colored in green, and certainly Irish Whiskey has to be part of the celebration!

In the USA Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated since the 1840s. Since then, the American people have embraced the holiday, and Ellijay in North Georgia has started its very own version of the Irish celebration: Saint PETrick’s Day with a #petloving parade through Downtown Ellijay. (This year the event had to be cancelled but we are looking very much forward to 2023’s Saint PETrick’s Day!)